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Delta Initiative is a highly experienced management consulting company that helps clients discover and implement forward-looking business technology solutions. We work with colleges, universities, and businesses to assess needs, research and evaluate options and recommend a definitive course of action encompassing operations, technology, process, personnel and information. We ensure all our clients have the right strategy and framework to best implement a solution for their unique environment. In short, we are committed to generating strategic change while making sure the technology investment supports our clients’ missions.

From the DI Blog

Toward a Student-Centric CRM

In previous blogs, I have emphasized the need to consider CRM from a student-centric perspective, rather than merely an institutional one (Keeping Pace With Today’s Student). This is because, while many CRM systems are good at identifying students who may

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Making Metrics Work for You

I recently read an article in CLOmedia about the challenge of measuring corporate learning. According to the article, measuring the effect of training proved difficult due to it being a non-revenue generating activity, i.e., it is essentially a support activity.

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