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Author: John Gorman

Fear of Failure?

I recently read an interesting article on www.coachingsearch.com about the fear of failure. The article featured the thoughts of Pat Fitzgerald, the head coach of Northwestern University’s football program. Pat Fitzgerald: ‘Society has taken away the ability for kids to learn from failure’. It is a quick read that summed up the effect of social media on his players. He states that the players can’t make a mistake without it …Read More

Dissecting Delivery

Many small to medium manufacturers are challenged to manage on-time order delivery. Typically, the area that gets the most scrutiny is the manufacturing floor. However, it is important to look at the entire order to delivery process to understand where there are opportunities for improvement. The Trouble with Process Deviation The effort to meet delivery dates actually starts during the sales process and is heavily impacted by setting realistic expectations …Read More

Leading and Managing Deployment of a Complex IT Solution

Delta Initiative is frequently engaged by organizations that are about to take on or are in the midst of deploying a high complexity technology solution. Many of these deployments are in Higher Education and involve systems such as ERP, Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Constituent Relationship Management (CRM). Recently EDUCAUSE published a series of articles focused on IT leadership. The three strong IT leaders highlighted each …Read More

Friendly Notes on a Vendor Blog

I have great respect for CRM vendors and their expertise. For example, Enrollment RX recently posted an interesting blog on the importance of an effective RFP-development process for guaranteeing successful implementation of a college or university CRM. The author outlines five tasks that should be included in the RFP-writing process.: Get Business and IT Involved Bring a Project Manager on Board Early Develop a Project Charter Do Demos, and Ask …Read More

Helping the Help Desk

I remember a time when the Help Desk was the de-facto support center for the school. The Help Desk was responsible for technical support, but often it was the one phone number students could call and talk to someone. Today, the rise of CRM implementations in Higher Education is changing the process. The CRM solutions provide additional capabilities to functional users to receive, track and follow-up with students. So, where …Read More

The App Exchange Delivers Both Good and Bad News

I had the opportunity recently to attend the Salesforce.com event in Chicago. The event confirmed that companies and institutions continue to focus on customers and constituents and that the CRM is at the core of how they do it. Solutions available are plentiful and vendors like Salesforce are extending the delivery of functionality through developer networks. Vendors, both large and small, are addressing gaps and improved thought processes through the …Read More