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Webinar: Best Practices in Administrative Systems Implementation

Originally webcast on Thursday, August 19th, 2010
Leaders: Phil Hill & Jim Ritchey

We at Delta Initiative are holding our next webinar to share information on Student Information Systems (SIS) in Higher Education. Previous webinars focused on LMS strategy and IT governance. This month’s webinar is focused on the issues surrounding the challenges in succeeding in SIS implementation projects.

Student Information System in Higher Education: How to set up the project for success

Congratulations – you’ve been charged with selecting and implementing a new Student Information System! You’ve now taken on responsibility for the type of project that fails most often at institutions, and you’re not even in control of key levers of change. What should you do to set this project up for success? Based on our consulting and research, institutions pay the most attention to pure technology and vendor selection, when those factors are not the biggest make-or-break issues. When SIS projects go awry, they don’t tend to go over budget or over schedule by 10 – 20%, but rather by 100 – 200%. What issues should you focus on up front to set up for success? How should an institution or system set its strategy based on the current solutions but at the same time be ready for future changes? What are some of the best practices that are available to help with system selection or implementation? These key questions will be addressed during the discussion.

Download the Webinar as a PDF: Best Practices in Administrative Systems Implementation.


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