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Program Team Design: Considering “Fit”

In my last blog, I discussed the importance of maintaining Clarity in order to achieve a company’s goals. In this blog, we will discuss an important factor that relates to Organizational design, or what enables an organization to execute on its strategy, reach its goals and complete the project to plan. In particular, I would like to stress that the “Fit” of the team to the project is instrumental in …Read More

The Clarity Perspective

We often consult with organizations that want to achieve significant strategic goals. Yet they find themselves faltering early on and never quite realize their ambitious plans. Whether it is a project, initiative, program, strategy or organizational change, the end result is less than expected. The problem does not lie in the motivation. The organization wants to change. They want to get the projects done. They want to execute their strategies. So why can’t …Read More

Balanced Scorecard for Manufacturing – Focusing on Internal Processes to Drive Results

In my final blog regarding Balanced Scorecard (BSC) development for manufacturing, we’ll focus on the Internal Business Process perspective or “What must your company excel at?” in order to satisfy your customers. For example, if your strategy centers on growth, the business processes should support the growth strategy with alignment to customer acquisition and customer targeting strategies. Manufacturing operational excellence strategies tend to focus on reducing manufacturing costs and time to …Read More

Balanced Scorecard for Manufacturing—Focusing on Organizational Capacity to Drive Results

In my last blog utilizing the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodology for manufacturing, I focused on the external perspective of Customers. Specifically, I described how companies can use target marketing to acquire and retain customers and thereby, drive results. The next step in Balanced Scorecard alignment involves initiatives in the internally focused perspective. In particular, Organizational Capacity, or Learning and Growth, drives customer support while delivering quality products and services by …Read More

Balanced Scorecard for Manufacturing – Focusing on Customers to Drive Results

In my January 29th Blog, I introduced the Balanced Scorecard approach for Higher Education. This Harvard School of Business method is used by over 50% of the large companies in the United States to align their business strategies with their operational goals and strategies. Recently Delta Initiative has been working with manufacturing companies to help them develop business processes and leverage technology to support these processes. In helping our customers, …Read More

How to Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap

In my last Blog, “Tackling the Manufacturing Skills Gap”, I highlighted the primary reasons the skills gap exists: Increasing retirement rates of older skilled workers Increasing labor needs of U.S. manufacturers Negative image of manufacturing work among the young Failure of educational institutions to provide relevant training In a Deloitte study on this issue, manufacturing executives are reporting 94 recruiting days to hire engineers, scientists and researchers and 70 days …Read More