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Is The Cloud The Answer Yet?

Update: State of Cloud for SIS I thought I would take a look back at a post I wrote in 2012, SaaS Changes to Higher ERP market.  The purpose of the post was to look at the speed of change in the educational technology area with the use of SaaS solutions and if this speed of change would be applied to the administrative systems.  Some of the key points were: …Read More

Technology Must be the Answer?

Higher education organizations today are focusing on being more effective and efficient, while dealing with reduced funding, declining enrollments, and increasing expectations from students. These are all challenges and bring back the memory of that wonderful goal “do more with less.” I always found it interesting that the people that provided this wisdom never seemed to provide information on how to accomplish this goal. In the search for improved effectiveness …Read More

Banner 8 Support

Ellucian has announced that Banner 8 administrative modules will be moving into sustaining support on December 31, 2018. Ellucian is recommending organizations move to Banner 9 by the end of 2018. The announcement is not a surprise due to its link to the support of Oracle forms. From what I hear, the surprise is that it includes all administrative modules. Many people expected this would only impact the Financial Aid …Read More

Focusing on the Value of Technology

A question we often get is: What is the value provided by the technology organization? A very deceptively easy question for business executives as well as the technology leaders. I believe everyone understands that technology is a key component of any institution. Even with this understanding, the technology organizations are viewed as a necessary evil. The reason the question is difficult, is that it is not just the technology. It …Read More

CRM: Which Student Success?

As a follow-up to Paul Setze’s blog Who is the constituent in CRM?, I think another question is Which approach to Student Success in CRM? Student success is a core component of almost any CRM discussion. In a previous blog, Student Success: CRM is not enough, Paul noted: If your starting point for student success is not identifying clearly defined metrics for student success and recognizing the organizational change that …Read More

Bright Shiny Objects

The nature of Higher Education is changing at a faster rate than ever before. Budget restraints affect purchasing decisions. Increased competition puts an emphasis on recruitment. Outcome-based funding puts a premium on student success. These changes also affect tech vendors as they work to provide solutions to these challenges. It seems like a new product or service is launched every week touting student centric, mobile first or student success. The …Read More