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How did we get here?

For some organizations, the intended destination is much clearer than the road to get there. Managing siloed business units and attempting to integrate multiple systems in their journey to growth can be precarious at best. They know technology can help them achieve results but not how it should be implemented. For other companies, the road they so carefully conceived has begun to lead them astray. Secondary problems have snowballed and now an impasse looms – to a point where the source of the difficulty itself cannot be pinpointed. Questions on how to be more effective and efficient plague any organization that has experienced such a roadblock.

How we can help….

At Delta Initiative, we strive to help organizations map their roads and dissect their roadblocks. Together, we formulate a plan that is solutions-driven, satisfies core needs, and considers the impact of people, process, and technology. By helping to implement a decision making process for strategic and operational tasks, employing an agnostic approach to technology solutions, and incorporating analytics we ultimately arrive at the intended destination.

Executing on Strategy


In the blogs to come, Delta Initiative will bring you invaluable business insights and information on the latest technological insights and tools straight from the Delta Initiative team- thought leaders themselves. No matter your specialization, from academia to healthcare to industrial, we intend our blogs to deliver an honest look at the problems affecting your bottom line and begin to unravel the path to solution. In this series, highlighting the evolution of CRM, Jim Ritchey, our founder and President will share insights resulting from conversations with clients. Jim has spent more than 25 years helping organizations diagnose the problems that are leading them astray. He will zero in on the importance of CRM, defining terms and discussing how both CRM and ERP systems can impact your organization.

We invite questions and comments on all our blog topics, and are excited to begin an enriching conversation with you.

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