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Deltak: An “Old” Player in a New Game

Deltak recently announced the release of a higher education Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Engage Student Relationship Platform (SRP). A new solution in this growing sector, Engage SRP is built on SalesForce cloud computing platform and provides a higher education configuration for SalesForce focusing on the student lifecycle. With the combination of the SalesForce platform and the experience of Deltak, Engage SRP could raise the bar for other CRM vendors.


The Deltak Difference Engage SRP is an interesting solution in that its creator’s background is in services as opposed to software. Deltak assists higher education institutions to build, grow and support their online programs. To support their customers, Deltak utilized SalesForce for marketing, recruitment, and providing student advising. Deltak, thus, built Engage SRP based on experience servicing many institutions. The use of the SalesForce.com platform allows Deltak to focus on higher education needs as opposed to the technology. In my opinion, one of the benefits of Engage SRP is the use of the standard SalesForce CRM components. Since SalesForce is configured to handle some of the unique needs of higher education, those benefits include:

  • updated SalesForce capabilities available immediately upon release by SalesForce
  • the ability to utilize other AppExchange apps to extend or provide new capabilities (e.g., improved management of mailing lists or marketing campaigns)
  • the ability to add your own configuration and objects to fulfill organization needs

How Deltak Defines the Student The higher education configuration provides a solution built from Deltak’s actual experience recruiting and advising students. One of their key components is the definition of the relationship with the student. In higher education, a student can be a potential student, a student, an alum, parent, faculty, or staff. They can also have multiple relationships with the institution at the same time. Engage SRP built these multiple relationships into the solution. This is a gap for some CRM solutions that started in business or in one area of the student life cycle. Software vendors are trying to add this capability to the products with various levels of success. Engage SRP modules are:

  • Marketing and Recruitment
  • Admissions
  • Student Success and Retention
  • Future: Career Services
  • Future: Alumni Relations

Engage SRP is currently being rolled out to some initial customers and could become a significant player in the Enterprise CRM for higher education. We’ll watch and see how the market responds.

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