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Ellucian Live Preview: The Next Generation

As some who read our blog may know, I’ve been attending what is now known as Ellucian Live for a number of years.  Just before last year’s conference, Datatel and SGHE completed their merger to become Ellucian.  In my pre-conference blog post and post-conference blog post last year, I shared my perspective on what to watch for now that the merger was complete.  In those posts, I mentioned it would be awhile before any changes would really be visible.  Now, it is a year after the merger and Ellucian Live is our chance to see what progress has been made.  I will follow up post-conference to share my impressions.

Last November, Ellucian released public road maps for all of its products.  It was a good approach to not only develop the roadmaps, but to also make them public.  Next important step will be to understand Ellucian’s ability to deliver on their strategy:  Have the roadmaps changed? How well are they delivering against the roadmap? Are any of the various services Ellucian provides changing?

Word Cloud "Business Strategy"Aside from the strategy, it will be interesting to see and hear Ellucian’s customers’ reactions to the new Ellucian one year after the merger.  Ellucian has a broad range of customers from their Datatel and SGHE days and a deep portfolio of products.  It is a challenge for any company to resonate with all of those divergent customers consistently.  Let’s see how they are meeting expectations.

Whether you are able to make the conference or not, be sure to check back here as I’ll share insights, trends, and what’s new soon.


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