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Creating a Culture of Delivery

All business and technology projects are impacted by and must take into account the culture of the organization that is being addressed. Many organizations today are faced with a long list of key projects and initiatives that “must be” completed during a very specific date range. These situations are unavoidable and goals need to be met. But when deploying a new business process supported by technology or a new technology solution, the initial implementation is often challenged to meet just the stated goals of the project. Once completed, the project is checked off and the organization moves on to the next item on the list. Unfortunately, this approach rarely realizes the full potential of the new process or solution from both an intellectual and capital expense perspective. That potential can be reached if your organization has developed a culture of delivery.


Defining a Culture of Delivery
In a culture of delivery there is a solid partnership between business and IT Service Delivery with a shared goal of operational excellence. More importantly there is an understanding that in order to get the most value for the organization there is a process of continuous review.  (see diagram)

The business will focus on review of:

  • Business Operations
  • Business Operations Excellence

While IT focuses on review of:

  • Technology Operations
  • Technology Operations Excellence

The first checkpoint for any identified improvements is the clarification that the improvement fully supports organizational strategy and goals. The teams come together at regular intervals to discuss suggestions, agree on which should be moved forward and prioritize activities.

The Benefits of a Culture of Delivery
Effectiveness is realized through a Culture of Delivery that is:

  • Collaborative
  • Has an agreed upon decision making process
  • Welcomes innovation
  • Has the discipline to focus on delivering value

Organizations that effectively manage to this type of process will typically realize an enthusiasm from the team to find better ways to accomplish work and a greater return on their technology spend.




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