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Summary of Statements by Key Players in Blackboard Announcement, Including Competitors

This article was originally posted at e-Literate

Given all the news and discussion surrounding Blackboard’s strategy change last week, I thought that it would be useful to collect the public statements from Blackboard and their competitors in one place. No analysis, no interviews, just statements. I have a feeling that this might provide a rich source of analysis 6 – 12 months from now.

Blackboard Official Announcements

On March 26th, Blackboard made four simultaneous announcements through press release. They also released two additional press releases based on these four announcements.

Blackboard / Moodlerooms / NetSpot / Moodle / Severance Key Blogs and Interviews

Subsequently, several of the key players in the Blackboard announcements made statements through their own blogs or through media interviews.

Blackboard Competitors

Most of Blackboard’s LMS competitors (direct and indirect) have made public statements via blog post.

If I’ve missed anything, let me know.

Update (4/4): Added Mark Drechsler statement and clarified titles

Update (4/5): Added Ian Dolphin statement

Update (4/7): Added Chris Coppola statement

Update (4/23): Added Gisele Larose statement

Update (5/2): Added Lou Pugliese statement

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