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Update on Statewide LMS Adoption

With the recent news of the University System of Georgia recommending Desire2Learn as their new LMS (see Vicky Tambellini’s post, along with the USG final report), replacing Blackboard Vista, Desire2Learn has further extended its strong performance with statewide deployments.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the whole narrative of Blackboard fighting to maintain its LMS dominance against the incursions of open source LMS doesn’t really capture what’s happening in the market. The two most recent selections at the statewide level involved Instructure winning Utah and now Desire2Learn winning Georgia. Take a look at the map below – does that show a death match between Blackboard and open source (Moodle or Sakai)? (Note, this list is representative, but does not claim to capture all statewide deployments. Also note that a statewide deployment does not mean that all campuses choose to adopt the standard.)

This looks to be an increasingly competitive market led by Desire2Learn, with Blackboard, Moodle and Sakai having some success, and Instructure entering the race. Blackboard also has some real challenges in New York with the end-of-life situation with their Angel product line.

This is not a fringe of the market, either. With significant budget cuts in higher education, and with the evolution of LMS becoming a mission-critical application, there is a broad trend to make LMS decisions higher and higher up the food chain.  Statewide deployments are a growing trend. The systems represented in this graphic represent over 2.4 Million FTE student enrollments.

Get ready for more changes in the marketplace.