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Author: Delta Initiative

Banner 9 Upgrade Plan

It has been a few months since Ellucian announced Banner 8 would move to sustained support after 12/31/2018. Have you started your planning process? If not, the end of 2018 is approaching quickly and already Banner 9 resources are difficult to find. Having a good plan will assist you in minimizing the required outside services and maximize the value of the resources when they are needed. In many cases, we …Read More

Changing the Status Quo: Announcing Our New Site

Welcome to our new website! We’ve been working on a new, refreshed and re-designed website for the past few months and it’s finally here. Aside from the updated look, we are pleased to introduce the addition of helpful resources as well as improved usability and functionality of our site. In order to better serve our first-time visitors and long-standing clients alike, we’ve re-designed or added the following features: Our home …Read More

Change is the new normal…

… and understanding exactly what your problems are is not an easy task.  Businesses and organizations are tackling problems on many fronts. Understanding the underlying causes can be extremely difficult. These causes might include processes, technology, personnel, communications – you name it. In reality, your leadership team may be so close to the situation that they can’t see what the true causes of the problems are.  They focus intently and …Read More

How did we get here?

For some organizations, the intended destination is much clearer than the road to get there. Managing siloed business units and attempting to integrate multiple systems in their journey to growth can be precarious at best. They know technology can help them achieve results but not how it should be implemented. For other companies, the road they so carefully conceived has begun to lead them astray. Secondary problems have snowballed and …Read More