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Author: Jennifer Spahn

CRM: Is Advising Technology the answer?

A recent EdSurge blog entitled “Students Show Mixed Feelings Toward Advising,” addressed student advising and the use of technology. According to the blog, new research indicates that students are not altogether sold on using the CRM advising technology in place of the traditional human advisor. They like using technology for simple tasks, but prefer face-to-face meetings with advisors to work through complex decisions, such as planning educational and career paths. …Read More

Key to a Successful Project Delivery: Starting the Project

In August last year, Jim Ritchey wrote about one of the keys to successful project delivery, selecting the right solution for your organization. As Jim discussed, the selection of the right solution does not guarantee the organization will see the desired benefits. I am sure many people have seen projects that started with a very focused selection process turn into projects of delays, overruns, and missed expectations. Lost Along the …Read More

Hand in Hand: Why Project Management Leads to Successful CRM Implementation

CRM software has matured in the higher education environment, from a means to engage prospects into a tool for lifetime engagement. But while CRM holds the promise of tremendous benefits for your institution, success is not guaranteed. CRM, especially in the corporate world, has had a notoriously low rate of success, causing untold losses in dollars, time and morale. Such failure may be a matter of charging ahead without a good game …Read More