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Author: Patricia Bruhn

On Leadership

Our most frequent client collaboration is with the leaders of organizations or institutions as they guide their teams through change—be it of a technical, business process or organizational nature. Recently, my colleague, John Gorman, commented on the differences between leadership and management and how complementary they are in deploying a complex technology solution. That led me to thinking about leadership in a larger context—that of leadership branding. What is Leadership …Read More

Changing Your Culture to Spur Growth

A few weeks ago, I started talking about businesses, particularly small businesses, which find themselves at an inflection point in their history. What used to work, no longer works and the organization enters a period of stagnation. Delegation and governance (see Leave the Plateau Behind) as well as an honest assessment of management skill sets are necessary components to jump start growth. A Shock to the System These changes are …Read More

Skill Sets: What You Have vs. What You Need

In my previous blog, Leave the Plateau Behind, I wrote about the two most common issues that keep small businesses from moving past the period of stagnation that typically follows initial growth: lack of delegation and lack of governance. While these are the most common issues we encounter when helping clients rise above their plateau and jump-start growth, they are not the only challenges. Another is skill sets. Entrepreneurs Are …Read More

Leave the Plateau Behind

We often have clients who come to us for guidance as they confront a stall in their business. Generally, these are small or family-owned businesses whose growth and/or profitability have reached a plateau and are having difficulty figuring out why the things that used to work no longer do. With over 28 million small businesses (those having fewer than 500 employees) employing 50% of the workforce, keeping those businesses growing …Read More

Making Metrics Work for You

I recently read an article in CLOmedia about the challenge of measuring corporate learning. According to the article, measuring the effect of training proved difficult due to it being a non-revenue generating activity, i.e., it is essentially a support activity. This led me to think about how common this challenge is regardless of what you are measuring—be it a project you are running or a process improvement you are implementing. …Read More

You’ve Developed Your Dashboard—Now What?

Imagine that you are well on your way to being a data-enabled organization. You figured out what questions you are asking, defined what success looks like, prioritized your data projects, selected your tools and are now producing dashboards and balance scorecards to support your strategic objectives. But ask yourself — Is anyone reading them? Make the Time The biggest challenge organizations face is not creating the dashboard or balanced scorecard …Read More