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Author: Paul Setze

Transforming the Student Experience

I have to admit that “Transforming the Student Experience” has eclipsed “Student Success” as the phrase that is most likely to send shivers up my spine – although the two concepts, as they are generally understood, are related. Vendors, in particular like to throw these terms around. After all, they claim to have the add-on products, the services, and the subscription fees or license and maintenance fees to address these …Read More

What are Student Outcomes?

It must be nice to be able to comment on findings that no one else has apparently seen except the people who wrote it and the company that will distribute it. Makes one wonder (or not) on the reason for commenting. In any case, I cannot determine what, if any, results were cherry picked from the “advanced look” at the report and if the author has some agenda in doing …Read More

Business Outcomes for Customers

Regular readers of my blog will no doubt pick up that one of the threads I weave in is that an organization needs to concentrate on business outcomes and business processes to support those business outcomes. Examples can be found here and here. How an organization defines business outcomes can tell us a great deal about the organization perceives its customers. Interestingly, when organizations deploy technology to support business outcomes, …Read More

Getting the Most Value

The Maintenance Conundrum We all tend to believe that technology gets better and cheaper over time. Maybe you are not paying less in some cases (whether adjusted for inflation or not), but you are getting more value with each iteration of a given technology. And there is plenty of evidence for this – today’s smart phones would have been multi-million dollar super computers a few technology generations ago; today’s laptops …Read More

Is Higher Ed Enterprise CRM an Illusion?

We hear frequently from customers about enterprise CRM. Some customers tell us they want our help in moving forward with Enterprise CRM. Other customers want to know if they should be looking seriously at Enterprise CRM. And of course, vendors are marketing and selling their version of Enterprise CRM. Naturally, when one begins to drill down into what is meant by Enterprise CRM, there are as many definitions (or lack …Read More

Defining Student Success

For the past year or so, I have been writing about CRM and student success. In one post I argued that CRM is Not Enough for student success; my colleague Jim Ritchey recently noted that there are a myriad of approaches that vendors have taken to solve the Student Success puzzle in CRM: Which Student Success; and my colleague Jennifer Spahn has recently focused on advising and technology in CRM: …Read More