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What Makes Delta Initiative Different?

In today’s competitive world, too many organizations are shackled by the status quo. Fortunately, Delta Initiative specializes in change. We map out the interconnectivity between an organization’s objectives and technology. But we understand that technology alone cannot address any organization’s core needs. That’s why we work with you and your organization to develop a game plan that incorporates operations, technology, process, personnel and information.

We’re not a technology company. But our principals have over 70 years combined experience in senior technology roles. We’re not a business strategy company, but we’ve developed paradigm-changing strategies for leading higher education, hospitality, and industrial firms. We’re not an organizational effectiveness company, but our programs have incorporated efficiency evaluations, vendor negotiations, change management and staffing assignments.

What we are is a precision team of more than twenty professionals who can quickly diagnose what’s in the way of your organization’s objectives, formulate plans with you and your staff, then get started on implementing the right combination of change to regain the initiative.

To change the status quo, you need to change your approach. Delta Initiative is ready to help.


Our Most Shared Content

LMS Strategy – Is your LMS solution serving your campus or system needs? Do you have buy-in and support from the institution on your learning management strategy? Now that LMS is a core application for higher education, you cannot afford for the answers to be ‘No’.

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Our Services – Many organizations still attempt to use technology as simply a way to automate the same old thing, albeit a little faster. This “status quo” approach is not only short-sighted, but can prove to be a serious limitation to business agility and results.

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The DI Blog – We live and breath this industry. We’ve got our fingers on the pulse of trends, industry changes and news. Many times we have opinions on these topics. Sometimes we just want to share something interesting we’ve learned. Tune in and check it out.

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