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Jennifer Spahn

Executive Vice President

As a co-founder of Delta Initiative, Ms. Spahn brings more than 25 years of experience understanding business processes, program management, methodologies, and team building. Jennifer has assisted with the implementation of process improvement projects and project management best practices at a variety of customers including major higher education, distribution, and financial organizations.

In Ms. Spahn’s role at Delta Initiative, she advised and assisted universities with the successful delivery of technology solutions. Starting with the identification of the needs, through the selection of the solution, organizational readiness assessment, and the management of the delivery. Ms. Spahn has worked on various administrative process and systems related initiatives as well as Academic Technology initiatives. Jennifer has extensive experience with the successful delivery of customer service solutions, and the implementation of CRM, PMO, SDLC, and Portfolio Management. In addition, Ms. Spahn assisted clients reviewing their managed services needs, creating and running the RFP process as well as conducting feasibility assessments of projects. Ms. Spahn also worked with marketing groups to implement process and technology to support new messaging and initiatives.

Previously she was Director, Business Technology at Indeliq, responsible for supporting all phases of the operations of the business including sales, customer service, product management, finance, and technology. As a part of her duties, she implemented and managed product development, software development methodology, and all business intelligence reporting as well as overseeing the Quality Assurance Team, the Customer Service Team, and the Change Control Board. In the re-organization of Internet commerce of Grainger, Ms. Spahn was Manager, Business Applications for Works.com, providing support for finance, sales, and customer service while also acting as Manager, Business Architecture for Grainger Internet Commerce. Her major responsibilities included analysis, project management, and quality assurance of all Internet Commerce projects. Ms. Spahn has experience as a technology manager, program manager, and business/system/program analyst with a variety of different companies. She brings a valuable mix of business and process skills to the Delta Initiative team.