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LMS Strategy, Selection & Implementation

The LMS market has changed, and not always for the benefit of higher education institutions.
Is your LMS solution serving your campus or system needs? Do you have buy-in and support from the institution on your learning management strategy? Now that LMS is a core application for higher education, you cannot afford for the answers to be ‘No’.

Delta Initiative can provide your institution with the most effective and efficient approach to gain control over your LMS. Providing workshops, templates and consulting services, Delta Initiative consultants can help put LMS in the service of your institution rather than the other way around.

Where does learning in the university take place today? Everywhere really, but most specifically, faculty and students are engaged in the formal process of teaching and learning in university classrooms, labs and in virtual learning environments. The LMS is accessible from a web browser and allows faculty the tools to manage their courses and provide online course activities for the students. Classrooms, labs and the LMS form the basis of today’s instructional environment and are at the base of the university’s academic technology infrastructure.

The key to successful learning management strategy is to understand that LMS is not a technology alone, but rather a technology infrastructure that goes hand-in-hand with support structures to improve educational practices.

All of our services are designed to help you to leverage technology initiatives to change the status quo of your organization. A typical engagement starts with an assessment based on understanding and modeling an organization’s needs and existing strategy. This assessment may be done in conjunction with a seminar or workshop, allowing the client to get immediate value from Delta Initiative with a flexible approach.

We can bring our extensive experience in this market and kick-start your efforts through one or two-day workshops, either in-person or virtually. These workshops are the quickest way to get your project team up-to-speed on the critical issues. We also can provide a roadmap for the strategy, selection or implementation phase of your learning management efforts.

How can you make the right decisions about key programs if you do not have accurate information? If your actual costs are unknown? If there are hidden policies? The answer is – you can’t, without some luck. All too often, the business culture leads to pockets of hidden information, thus key decisions are made without truly benefiting the entire organization. The good news is that you can get accurate information within the business culture – and we can help you. When attempting to resolve this dilemma, we have found that a crucial aspect of any successful approach is to increase the communication between the various business groups. Our approach is to help you create a Strategic Assessment for the key programs – allowing you to develop the plan for what each business group needs to do to achieve the organization’s objectives. This is an approach that reveals your organization’s short-term and long-term organization needs and develops a plan for meeting those needs.

We have in-depth knowledge of key technology vendors, but we do not work for them. Our experience and proven approach in evaluating vendors ensures the vendor selection is based on true business needs. Every organization has unique needs and the marketplace is changing rapidly, but our approach and experience keep us up-to-speed. You benefit from quicker and more effective assessments that provide immediate value. For technology initiatives, making the right decision with the right approach is the start of a successful project.

Many organizations are facing enterprise-wide IT implementations where they cannot afford to fail. A great number of implementations often experience significant budget overruns or are even abandoned, costing millions of dollars and causing untold frustrations. Professional project management provided by an outside management source, one with experience in ERP projects, can help reduce risk, increase quality, and potentially save millions of dollars for the organization. We are a hands-on organization in terms of working with your staff to accomplish your objectives. We lead and facilitate meetings, develop and review schedules – all to ensure timely completion and institute appropriate controls (e.g., change management, quality control) to ensure the organization is self-sufficient when we leave. Our process for setting the project up for success addresses the organization (Are the right people in the right place? Is the organization built for success?), then processes (Are there repeatable, documented processes in place that can sustain the organization?) and finally the technology (Does it meet or fulfill the business requirements for which it was purchased?). Finally, is the discipline in place to ensure each component works together to meet the objectives and goals?

We are sometimes called upon to salvage enterprise projects that are near death. When recovering a project, we focus on providing a quick assessment – identifying gaps, determining what is working well, identifying root causes of problems, and creating a plan to bring the project back on track. We also help declare death of projects – we don’t always “recover” it. Sometimes it is better to take a new route. By applying our experience from project planning, we help your organization develop strong communication and change management practices, as well as developing the discipline to succeed.