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Academic Technology / Learning Management Systems (LMS) Consulting

LMS-2More than ever, the learning that takes place today at a college or university is not limited to the classroom or labs. Traditional learning now works in tandem with the Academic Technology to form the basis of the instructional environment. Academic Technology helps facilitate the expansion of virtual learning environments as well as the ability of faculty to manage courses and activities online. The more that institutions depend on Academic Technology to facilitate their educational experience, the more critical it is to get the Academic Technology right.


Below are typical Problems and Solutions that may help you assess where you are in the process and what services you may need.

PROBLEM: We are just beginning down the road toward LMS implementation and don’t
know where to begin.

SOLUTION:  Kick-Start Workshop

We bring our extensive experience in this market and kick-start your efforts through one or two-day workshops, either in-person or virtually. These workshops are the quickest way to get your project team up-to-speed on industry trends, vendors and solution domains.


LMS-3PROBLEM:  We are having difficulty making decisions about key programs because not all of our
departments are on the same page.

SOLUTION: Strategy Assessment

All too often, an institution’s culture can create pockets of siloed information, leading to decisions that do not truly benefit the entire organization. A crucial aspect of a successful strategy implementation is to increase the communication between the various functional groups. Creating a Strategy Assessment for key programs by working together across the organization helps you develop a plan for what each business group needs to do to achieve the institution’s objectives.

PROBLEM: We do not have a clear picture of how and where our technology is utilized. We’re not sure if we are getting the best from our investment.

SOLUTION: Realized Value Assessment

A realized value assessment focuses on the effective use of technology throughout your organization. By reviewing and analyzing the current state of technology utilization, you can formulate a transition road map that leverages technology improvements to maximize effectiveness.

LMS-4PROBLEM: We are having difficulty selecting the right vendor.

SOLUTION: Market Analysis and Vendor Selection Consulting

We have independent, in-depth knowledge of key technology vendors. Our experience and proven approach in evaluating vendors ensures the vendor selection is based on true business needs. You benefit from quicker and more effective assessments that provide immediate value. For technology initiatives, making the right decision based on asking the right questions is the start of a successful project.

PROBLEM: We are worried about how this implementation will affect our organization.

SOLUTION: Organizational Readiness Assessment

Projects succeed when organizations are ready for change. Looking across the dimensions of people, process and technology, the key is to determine the state of your organization’s appetite for change. Does the current staff have the skill set to implement the project? If not, is there a plan to bolster their skill set? Are your business processes modeled and documented? What is the state of your organization’s data? We help you determine the answers to these questions and more. Then we develop plans to move your organization along the change curve in anticipation of a successful project delivery.

LMS-5PROBLEM: Our budget and lack of hands-on experience make us concerned about our project management options.

SOLUTION: Project Management and Implementation Planning

Professional project management provided by an outside management source, one with experience in large projects, helps reduce risk, increase quality, and potentially save millions of dollars. Delta Initiative takes a hands-on approach to working with your staff to accomplish objectives. Together we develop and implement project plans, define project governance, establish change management activities and institute project status metrics. We set the project up for success by addressing the organization itself, the processes, and then the technology. Finally, we make sure the processes are in place to ensure your institution is self-sufficient when we leave.

LMS-6PROBLEM: Our project is gotten off track.

SOLUTION: Project Recovery

Delta Initiative can reset the project on a road to success by addressing the organization. Are the right people in the right place? Is the organization built for success? Has a culture of change been established? We examine processes. Are there repeatable, documented processes in place that can sustain the organization? We take a close look at the technology implementation. Does it meet or fulfill the intended business requirements? Finally, we put a discipline in place to ensure each component works together to meet your objectives and goals.



Delta Initiative can provide you with the most effective and efficient approach to gain control over your Academic Technology. Through our workshops, templates and consulting services we can help put Academic Technology in the service of your institution.