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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consulting

CRM-2Building relationships with students and alumni is all about engagement. And with the rise of mobile technology and social media, students and alumni are more connected than ever.



How do you manage student engagement at your institution in today’s connected world?




CRM-3The challenge with existing CRM approaches is that each function manages their data and many times the data is managed in disparate systems. A person may fill multiple roles during their relationship—perspective student, student, alumni, donor, employer / employer contact, parent, employee—and, sometimes, at the same time. This presents a second challenge for the institution: understanding all of your relationships with a person.

Delta Initiative understands these challenges and more. We guide you through a strategic assessment of where you are today, what the CRM market looks like and how your users want to utilize CRM in the future. We can help ensure a successful project outcome by working with your team in the following areas:

  • Vendor selection
  • Development and implementation of an action plan tied to your strategic objectives
  • Evaluation of how well your action plan addressed your objectives


Need more assistance?
The following services can help your institution with a successful implementation.

Type of Service What it is How it can help you
Kick-Start Workshops One or two-day workshop, either in person or virtually These workshops get your project team up-to-speed on industry trends, vendors and solution domains. We also can provide a roadmap for the strategy, selection or implementation phase of your CRM efforts.
Strategy Assessment A plan for what each business group needs to do to achieve the institution’s objectives. The assessment increases the communication between the various functional groups to avoid pockets of siloed information.
Realized Value Assessment An assessment that focuses on the effective use of technology throughout your organization. Sometimes, organizations do not have a clear picture of how and where its technology is utilized. To help you formulate a transition road map that leverages technology improvements to maximize effectiveness.
Market Analysis and Vendor Selection Quicker and more effective assessments that provide immediate value based on years of experience working with key technology vendors. For technology initiatives, making the right decision based on asking the right questions is the start of a successful project.
Organizational Readiness Assessment An assessment of your organization’s appetite for change (including staff, business processes, data, etc.) coupled with a plan to move your organization along the change curve in anticipation of a successful project delivery. Projects have a better chance of succeeding when organizations are ready for change.
Project Management and Implementation Planning Together we develop and implement project plans, define project governance, establish change management activities and institute project status metrics. We set the project up for success by addressing the organization itself, the processes, and then the technology. Professional project management provided by an outside management source, one with experience in large projects, helps reduce risk, increase quality, and potentially save millions of dollars.
Project Recovery Identifying how the project got off track and how it can be recovered. A discipline is put in place to ensure each component works together to meet your objectives and goals. Given the complexity of CRM, projects can get off track. Delta Initiative can reset the project on a road to success by addressing the organization—staff, culture, processes, and technology.