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Effective Technology Solutions

ETS-2Business owners have enough to manage without having to make decisions about Effective Technology Solutions. Trying to navigate the complex decision-making process to find the best solution may be a daunting task. With the technology market changing so rapidly, you may not have the hands-on experience with all your options. And your initiative must have organizational support in order to achieve your goals and objectives.

The key is to focus on how to be successful and to recognize that organizational change results from the implementation of complex technology. You may need help with guidance, governance and organizational change management to implement Effective Technology Solutions tailored to your situation. Specifically, you should keep the following objectives in mind:

  • Ensure your organization understands and embraces the change
  • Identify gaps in communication and strengthen the relationship between the business and technology teams
  • Ensure your technology solution is connected to your organizational goals

As a hands-on organization, Delta Initiative will work together with you to fulfill these objectives and to establish mechanisms that create self-sufficiency when we leave.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Consulting

Institutions know they need 21st century technological solutions, but many are still operating using a 20th century model. If your institution or organization is updating or replacing its Financial, Human Resources, Payroll, Student Information Systems, or all of the above, you will need to diagnose and devise a strategy for a successful implementation.

Institutions face the following issues when implementing ERP systems:

  • strategic planning
  • organizational assessment
  • vendor selection
  • service and risk management
  • change management
  • establishing the project’s leadership and organization
  • establishing effective partnerships between administrative, business and technology units

ETS-3First-time implementation of any enterprise-wide solution is a huge undertaking. Delta Initiative specializes in creating an inclusive consulting process that provides quick results. And, because key decision makers are involved from the beginning, we ensure maximum buy-in from your business owners.




Academic Technology / Learning Management Systems (LMS) Consulting

ETS-4More than ever, the learning that takes place today at a college or university is not limited to the classroom or labs. Traditional learning now works in tandem with the LMS to form the basis of the instructional environment. LMS helps facilitate the expansion of virtual learning environments as well as the ability of faculty to manage courses and activities online. The more that institutions depend on LMS to facilitate their educational experience, the more critical it is to get the LMS right.

Technology is a tool that should help your institution fulfill its mission. Finding the right LMS starts with understanding your mission and connecting the technology to your goals.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consulting

ETS-5Building relationships with students and alumni is all about engagement. And with the rise of mobile technology and social media, students and alumni are more connected than ever. How do you manage student engagement at your institution in today’s connected world?

The challenge with existing CRM approaches is that each function manages their data and many times the data is managed in disparate systems. A person may fill multiple roles during their relationship—perspective student, student, alumni, donor, employer / employer contact, parent, employee—and, sometimes, at the same time. This presents a second challenge for the institution: understanding all of your relationships with a person.

Delta Initiative understands these challenges and more. We guide you through a strategic assessment of where you are today, what the CRM market looks like and how your users want to utilize CRM in the future. We can help ensure a successful project outcome by working with your team in the following areas:

  • Vendor selection
  • Development and implementation of an action plan tied to your strategic objectives
  • Evaluation of how well your action plan addressed your objectives

Market Analysis and Vendor Selection

ETS-6We have independent, in-depth knowledge of key vendors. We evaluate the industry’s leading vendors including Ellucian, Oracle / PeopleSoft, Campus Management, Microsoft, SalesForce, Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn and more. The marketplace is changing rapidly and our expertise allows you to quickly gain insight into your vendor and technology options.

Project Recovery

Given the complexity of enterprise-wide solutions, projects can get off track. Delta Initiative can reset the project on a road to success by addressing the following questions:

  • Are the right people in the right place?
  • Is the organization built for success?
  • Has a culture of change been established?
  • Are there repeatable, documented processes in place that can sustain the organization?
  • Does the technology implementation meet or fulfill the intended business requirements?
  • Is there a discipline in place to ensure each component works together to meet your objectives and goals?