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The challenge of analytics or business intelligence (BI) is to make the best use of your organization’s data. This is a difficult task in organizations of all sizes and disciplines. For many organizations, this analysis is siloed and disconnected, resulting in dysfunctional decision making and business strategy. Delta Initiative can help. Our focus is to deliver business outcomes through effective use of information through your organization.

Turning data into knowledge to support your business decisions starts with understanding how data is created and maintained. We evaluate your current analytics situation, business process flows, capture future state requirements and work with you to prioritize and prepare a plan for moving forward. We discuss architectural solutions based upon real time data needs versus operational trending and analysis needs as well as aid in the evaluation of vendor solutions. Delta Initiative can then help implement your solution by defining data governance and developing functional specifications for analysis and reporting.

Starting by understanding your organization’s goals, we connect those goals back to developing the best architecture for your data, and the tool(s) and processes to turn that data into actionable business intelligence.