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Operational excellence begins with a framework focused on measurable results, including both the value achieved from a project and the effectiveness of the project delivery. Delta Initiative views business process management and IT service delivery as integral parts of a holistic solution. We specialize in adapting the process of delivering IT solutions to the unique culture of an organization and identifying the right priorities and goals in an unbiased way.

Inputs of strategy, decision-making, collaboration, innovation and discipline drive business and technology operations. Measureable results include value achieved, new and improved capabilities, and business agility. Delta Initiative helps you take your current operations from where you are today to a culture of delivery. We provide real solutions based on your needs and help you change the status quo.


Business Process Management

Processes are strategic assets of an organization and must be understood, managed and continuously improved to deliver value to your customer. Are your business processes efficient? Are they understood and followed? Do they add value? What is the state of your organization’s data? Delta Initiative helps you answer these questions, and then develop plans to move your organization toward a successful project delivery.

Portfolio Management

Organizations today are overwhelmed with a multitude of projects all due immediately. A key aspect to the development of a culture of delivery is determining what projects should be done when through successful portfolio management. We can help you define governance and prioritization over your projects and incorporate the disciplines necessary to ensure successful project delivery and the achievement of maximum value.



Program and Project Management

Professional project management by an experienced, outside management source, one with experience in large, complex projects, helps reduce risk, increase quality, and potentially save millions of dollars. Delta Initiative takes a hands-on approach to working with your staff to accomplish objectives. Together we:

  • develop and implement project plans
  • define project governance
  • establish change management activities
  • institute project status metrics

We set the project up for success by addressing the organization itself, the processes, and then the technology. Finally, we make sure the processes are in place, ensuring self-sufficiency when we leave.

Organizational Change Management

Implementation of large, complex technologies is primarily about organizational change, and a lack of focus on organizational change is one of the primary reasons for technology project failures. Delta Initiative can provide you with the guidance, governance and organizational change management tailored to your situation. We identify gaps in communication and strengthen the relationship between the business and technology teams. Our goal is to make sure your organization understands and embraces the change.