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Workday Student System: Preparing for the Future

On September 10, 2013 Workday announced the development of a student system that is mobile-first cloud application. This announcement will surely have an impact on future planning for many organizations dissatisfied with their current system. According to the release, Workday stated: Today’s higher education institutions face increasing pressures due to political and public dissatisfaction with rising tuition costs, increased student debt, and declining job-placement rates. Funding models for these institutions are shifting …Read More

What is a Learning Platform?

This article was originally posted at e-Literate While I have written (along with others) about the shift we are seeing in the LMS market, where it is moving from an enterprise LMS market to a learning platform market, there has not really been a good definition of what a learning platform is. As Jeff Bohrer asked via Twitter, “What are the hallmarks of LMS as a “learning platform” (beyond SaaS)? Any posts you can point to?” Mike …Read More