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Banner 9 Upgrade Plan

It has been a few months since Ellucian announced Banner 8 would move to sustained support after 12/31/2018. Have you started your planning process? If not, the end of 2018 is approaching quickly and already Banner 9 resources are difficult to find. Having a good plan will assist you in minimizing the required outside services and maximize the value of the resources when they are needed. In many cases, we …Read More

Business Outcomes for Customers

Regular readers of my blog will no doubt pick up that one of the threads I weave in is that an organization needs to concentrate on business outcomes and business processes to support those business outcomes. Examples can be found here and here. How an organization defines business outcomes can tell us a great deal about the organization perceives its customers. Interestingly, when organizations deploy technology to support business outcomes, …Read More

Fear of Failure?

I recently read an interesting article on www.coachingsearch.com about the fear of failure. The article featured the thoughts of Pat Fitzgerald, the head coach of Northwestern University’s football program. Pat Fitzgerald: ‘Society has taken away the ability for kids to learn from failure’. It is a quick read that summed up the effect of social media on his players. He states that the players can’t make a mistake without it …Read More

Dissecting Delivery

Many small to medium manufacturers are challenged to manage on-time order delivery. Typically, the area that gets the most scrutiny is the manufacturing floor. However, it is important to look at the entire order to delivery process to understand where there are opportunities for improvement. The Trouble with Process Deviation The effort to meet delivery dates actually starts during the sales process and is heavily impacted by setting realistic expectations …Read More

Balanced Scorecard for Manufacturing – Focusing on Customers to Drive Results

In my January 29th Blog, I introduced the Balanced Scorecard approach for Higher Education. This Harvard School of Business method is used by over 50% of the large companies in the United States to align their business strategies with their operational goals and strategies. Recently Delta Initiative has been working with manufacturing companies to help them develop business processes and leverage technology to support these processes. In helping our customers, …Read More