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Focusing on the Value of Technology

A question we often get is: What is the value provided by the technology organization? A very deceptively easy question for business executives as well as the technology leaders. I believe everyone understands that technology is a key component of any institution. Even with this understanding, the technology organizations are viewed as a necessary evil. The reason the question is difficult, is that it is not just the technology. It …Read More

Creating a Culture of Delivery

All business and technology projects are impacted by and must take into account the culture of the organization that is being addressed. Many organizations today are faced with a long list of key projects and initiatives that “must be” completed during a very specific date range. These situations are unavoidable and goals need to be met. But when deploying a new business process supported by technology or a new technology …Read More

How did we get here?

For some organizations, the intended destination is much clearer than the road to get there. Managing siloed business units and attempting to integrate multiple systems in their journey to growth can be precarious at best. They know technology can help them achieve results but not how it should be implemented. For other companies, the road they so carefully conceived has begun to lead them astray. Secondary problems have snowballed and …Read More