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Business Outcomes for Customers

Regular readers of my blog will no doubt pick up that one of the threads I weave in is that an organization needs to concentrate on business outcomes and business processes to support those business outcomes. Examples can be found here and here. How an organization defines business outcomes can tell us a great deal about the organization perceives its customers. Interestingly, when organizations deploy technology to support business outcomes, …Read More

Is Higher Ed Enterprise CRM an Illusion?

We hear frequently from customers about enterprise CRM. Some customers tell us they want our help in moving forward with Enterprise CRM. Other customers want to know if they should be looking seriously at Enterprise CRM. And of course, vendors are marketing and selling their version of Enterprise CRM. Naturally, when one begins to drill down into what is meant by Enterprise CRM, there are as many definitions (or lack …Read More

Defining Student Success

For the past year or so, I have been writing about CRM and student success. In one post I argued that CRM is Not Enough for student success; my colleague Jim Ritchey recently noted that there are a myriad of approaches that vendors have taken to solve the Student Success puzzle in CRM: Which Student Success; and my colleague Jennifer Spahn has recently focused on advising and technology in CRM: …Read More

CRM: Is Advising Technology the answer?

A recent EdSurge blog entitled “Students Show Mixed Feelings Toward Advising,” addressed student advising and the use of technology. According to the blog, new research indicates that students are not altogether sold on using the CRM advising technology in place of the traditional human advisor. They like using technology for simple tasks, but prefer face-to-face meetings with advisors to work through complex decisions, such as planning educational and career paths. …Read More

CRM: Which Student Success?

As a follow-up to Paul Setze’s blog Who is the constituent in CRM?, I think another question is Which approach to Student Success in CRM? Student success is a core component of almost any CRM discussion. In a previous blog, Student Success: CRM is not enough, Paul noted: If your starting point for student success is not identifying clearly defined metrics for student success and recognizing the organizational change that …Read More

CRM Success Criteria

In our work with Higher Ed institutions, we often notice a similar stumbling block. Many institutions take the same approach to CRM procurement and implementations as they do to ERP procurements and implementations—with a focus on features, functions, and configuration. But there are significant differences between these solutions that lead me to suggest that a different approach is needed for CRM. Critical Differences ERP systems, by and large, are relatively …Read More