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Student Success: CRM Is Not Enough

Third in a series about CRM In the first blog in this series, The Amorphous CRM, I noted that Customer Relationship Management means different things to different people. In CRM: Managing Students or Serving Them?, I discussed how the purpose and uses of CRM in higher education differ from those in commercial organizations. Now, let’s talk about how student success applies to CRM. My graduate school statistics professor once reminded …Read More

Salesforce to be Acquired?

I thought I would take a break in my CRM series to comment on the recent speculation that Salesforce may be acquired. A number of years ago, I was involved in the selection of a CRM system for a commercial business. The four finalists were two of the big names and two small companies trying to move up the food chain. It was one of the big name vendors that …Read More

Leave the Plateau Behind

We often have clients who come to us for guidance as they confront a stall in their business. Generally, these are small or family-owned businesses whose growth and/or profitability have reached a plateau and are having difficulty figuring out why the things that used to work no longer do. With over 28 million small businesses (those having fewer than 500 employees) employing 50% of the workforce, keeping those businesses growing …Read More

Agile Governance: Entering the Shark Tank

In my last blog, I noted the challenges of effectively implementing Agile Development. I pointed out that, while Agile Development has significant pluses, it also presents challenges. One of these is ensuring adequate oversight. Agile Governance Agile Governance is a process aimed at correcting this problem through the creation of an Agile Governance Board (AGB). Its responsibilities include: Making business decisions quickly, based on predetermined criteria, to mitigate risk, resolve issues …Read More

Friendly Notes on a Vendor Blog

I have great respect for CRM vendors and their expertise. For example, Enrollment RX recently posted an interesting blog on the importance of an effective RFP-development process for guaranteeing successful implementation of a college or university CRM. The author outlines five tasks that should be included in the RFP-writing process.: Get Business and IT Involved Bring a Project Manager on Board Early Develop a Project Charter Do Demos, and Ask …Read More

CRM: Managing Students or Serving Them?

Second in a series about CRM As we noted in The Amorphous CRM, Customer (or Constituent) Relationship Management means different things at both the strategic and tactical level depending on one’s perspective. Although CRM solutions for Higher Education vary by vendor in their approach, one thing all CRM systems share is the promise to increase value by bringing more efficiency to relationship management. But when dealing with students is it …Read More