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Focusing on the Value of Technology

A question we often get is: What is the value provided by the technology organization? A very deceptively easy question for business executives as well as the technology leaders. I believe everyone understands that technology is a key component of any institution. Even with this understanding, the technology organizations are viewed as a necessary evil. The reason the question is difficult, is that it is not just the technology. It …Read More

On Leadership

Our most frequent client collaboration is with the leaders of organizations or institutions as they guide their teams through change—be it of a technical, business process or organizational nature. Recently, my colleague, John Gorman, commented on the differences between leadership and management and how complementary they are in deploying a complex technology solution. That led me to thinking about leadership in a larger context—that of leadership branding. What is Leadership …Read More

Tackling the Manufacturing Skills Gap

The manufacturing skills gap is a serious problem that is only getting worse. The Manufacturing Institute estimates there were 600,000 unfilled manufacturing jobs in the U.S. in 2011—and that that number will rise to 2 million by 2025. One has to ask why, in the current job market, so many good-paying manufacturing jobs are going unfilled. Here are a few key factors: Increasing retirement rates of older skilled workers Increasing …Read More

Skill Sets: What You Have vs. What You Need

In my previous blog, Leave the Plateau Behind, I wrote about the two most common issues that keep small businesses from moving past the period of stagnation that typically follows initial growth: lack of delegation and lack of governance. While these are the most common issues we encounter when helping clients rise above their plateau and jump-start growth, they are not the only challenges. Another is skill sets. Entrepreneurs Are …Read More

Student Success: CRM Is Not Enough

Third in a series about CRM In the first blog in this series, The Amorphous CRM, I noted that Customer Relationship Management means different things to different people. In CRM: Managing Students or Serving Them?, I discussed how the purpose and uses of CRM in higher education differ from those in commercial organizations. Now, let’s talk about how student success applies to CRM. My graduate school statistics professor once reminded …Read More

Salesforce to be Acquired?

I thought I would take a break in my CRM series to comment on the recent speculation that Salesforce may be acquired. A number of years ago, I was involved in the selection of a CRM system for a commercial business. The four finalists were two of the big names and two small companies trying to move up the food chain. It was one of the big name vendors that …Read More