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Agile Governance: Entering the Shark Tank

In my last blog, I noted the challenges of effectively implementing Agile Development. I pointed out that, while Agile Development has significant pluses, it also presents challenges. One of these is ensuring adequate oversight. Agile Governance Agile Governance is a process aimed at correcting this problem through the creation of an Agile Governance Board (AGB). Its responsibilities include: Making business decisions quickly, based on predetermined criteria, to mitigate risk, resolve issues …Read More

The Search for Differentiated and Engaging Student Experience

This article was originally posted at e-Literate One of the trends I highlighted last summer was that the LMS or learning platform market was overlapping the educational content market. The lines are blurring between content delivery systems (e.g. Cengage MindTap, Pearson MyLabs, etc) and LMS.  Content delivery and ability to keep students engaged within the content will drive much of the broader ed tech market.  This integration of markets is being seen …Read More

What is a Learning Platform?

This article was originally posted at e-Literate While I have written (along with others) about the shift we are seeing in the LMS market, where it is moving from an enterprise LMS market to a learning platform market, there has not really been a good definition of what a learning platform is. As Jeff Bohrer asked via Twitter, “What are the hallmarks of LMS as a “learning platform” (beyond SaaS)? Any posts you can point to?” Mike …Read More

Upcoming WCET Webcast: “Why the RFP Process Doesn’t Work in Today’s LMS Market”

This article was originally posted at e-Literate I have written several articles (posted here at e-Literate, here at the Delta Initiative website, and as a guest post at WCET) about the significant changes that the LMS market is undergoing, moving from an enterprise-class, mini-ERP, system to a learning platform. The folks at WCET provide a great set of resources for the higher ed community, and the asked me to set up a webcast on the subject, …Read More

Summary of Statements by Key Players in Blackboard Announcement, Including Competitors

This article was originally posted at e-Literate Given all the news and discussion surrounding Blackboard’s strategy change last week, I thought that it would be useful to collect the public statements from Blackboard and their competitors in one place. No analysis, no interviews, just statements. I have a feeling that this might provide a rich source of analysis 6 – 12 months from now. Blackboard Official Announcements On March 26th, …Read More