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On Leadership

Our most frequent client collaboration is with the leaders of organizations or institutions as they guide their teams through change—be it of a technical, business process or organizational nature. Recently, my colleague, John Gorman, commented on the differences between leadership and management and how complementary they are in deploying a complex technology solution. That led me to thinking about leadership in a larger context—that of leadership branding. What is Leadership …Read More

Balanced Scorecard for Manufacturing – Focusing on Customers to Drive Results

In my January 29th Blog, I introduced the Balanced Scorecard approach for Higher Education. This Harvard School of Business method is used by over 50% of the large companies in the United States to align their business strategies with their operational goals and strategies. Recently Delta Initiative has been working with manufacturing companies to help them develop business processes and leverage technology to support these processes. In helping our customers, …Read More

Leading and Managing Deployment of a Complex IT Solution

Delta Initiative is frequently engaged by organizations that are about to take on or are in the midst of deploying a high complexity technology solution. Many of these deployments are in Higher Education and involve systems such as ERP, Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Constituent Relationship Management (CRM). Recently EDUCAUSE published a series of articles focused on IT leadership. The three strong IT leaders highlighted each …Read More

How to Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap

In my last Blog, “Tackling the Manufacturing Skills Gap”, I highlighted the primary reasons the skills gap exists: Increasing retirement rates of older skilled workers Increasing labor needs of U.S. manufacturers Negative image of manufacturing work among the young Failure of educational institutions to provide relevant training In a Deloitte study on this issue, manufacturing executives are reporting 94 recruiting days to hire engineers, scientists and researchers and 70 days …Read More

Tackling the Manufacturing Skills Gap

The manufacturing skills gap is a serious problem that is only getting worse. The Manufacturing Institute estimates there were 600,000 unfilled manufacturing jobs in the U.S. in 2011—and that that number will rise to 2 million by 2025. One has to ask why, in the current job market, so many good-paying manufacturing jobs are going unfilled. Here are a few key factors: Increasing retirement rates of older skilled workers Increasing …Read More

Skill Sets: What You Have vs. What You Need

In my previous blog, Leave the Plateau Behind, I wrote about the two most common issues that keep small businesses from moving past the period of stagnation that typically follows initial growth: lack of delegation and lack of governance. While these are the most common issues we encounter when helping clients rise above their plateau and jump-start growth, they are not the only challenges. Another is skill sets. Entrepreneurs Are …Read More