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Defining Student Success

For the past year or so, I have been writing about CRM and student success. In one post I argued that CRM is Not Enough for student success; my colleague Jim Ritchey recently noted that there are a myriad of approaches that vendors have taken to solve the Student Success puzzle in CRM: Which Student Success; and my colleague Jennifer Spahn has recently focused on advising and technology in CRM: …Read More

CRM: Which Student Success?

As a follow-up to Paul Setze’s blog Who is the constituent in CRM?, I think another question is Which approach to Student Success in CRM? Student success is a core component of almost any CRM discussion. In a previous blog, Student Success: CRM is not enough, Paul noted: If your starting point for student success is not identifying clearly defined metrics for student success and recognizing the organizational change that …Read More

Student Success: CRM is Not Enough, Part 2

In my last blog I noted that student success initiatives are institution-wide processes, the importance of having clearly defined metrics and that organizational change is required. Another key component is that student success initiatives are on-going and evolving as the institution learns what works and what does not work as expected. But first, student success needs to be defined and agreed upon – only then can it be determined what …Read More

How to Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap

In my last Blog, “Tackling the Manufacturing Skills Gap”, I highlighted the primary reasons the skills gap exists: Increasing retirement rates of older skilled workers Increasing labor needs of U.S. manufacturers Negative image of manufacturing work among the young Failure of educational institutions to provide relevant training In a Deloitte study on this issue, manufacturing executives are reporting 94 recruiting days to hire engineers, scientists and researchers and 70 days …Read More

Committing to Analytics

Over the past few months, my colleague, Bob Kozak, has presented a series about the importance of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in successful project delivery and as alerts to current trends. While discussing Result and Driver metrics, he emphasized that metrics are developed to create the path your organization should follow to arrive at your goals / destination. Keep in mind that information and trends change constantly. Therefore, your path …Read More

Are You Getting Value Out of Your CRM?

I have previously blogged about the various Keys to Successful Project Delivery. But what about what happens after delivery? The first measure of success in a CRM project is whether the CRM is being used. That may sound rather obvious, but more than a few well-designed, expensive CRM implementations have died from disuse, only to be replaced by similar, equally disused CRMs. This scenario is quite obviously problematic for institutions …Read More