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Further Evolution of MOOCs with Academic Partnerships and MOOC2Degree Launch

This article was originally posted at e-Literate One of the fastest growing educational delivery models over the past year is the school-as-a-service concept, where companies like Pearson, 2U, Academic Partnerships and Deltak provide the services needed for a traditional institution to create an online program at scale. As I have often pointed out, traditional institutions have a organizational designs and cultures that often prevent them from successfully creating self-sustaining online programs, …Read More

Canvas Network – Are the LMS and MOOC Markets Colliding?

This article was originally posted at e-Literate Six weeks ago I posted a new graphic on the LMS market which included MOOCs in the same view as traditional LMS solutions. In the comments to the post there was an interesting note from Josh Coates (Instructure CEO) in response to whether MOOCs should be so closely aligned with the LMS market: i agree with you [fellow commenter Bob Puffer] that MOOCs aren’t the same thing …Read More

Online Educational Delivery Models: A Descriptive View

         This article was originally published at EDUCAUSE Review. Update (11/27): This post has been amended to include the full article. Although there has been a long history of distance education, the creation of online education occurred just over a decade and a half ago—a relatively short time in academic terms. Early course delivery via the web had started by 1994, soon followed by a more structured approach using the …Read More

Is Higher Education Ready For Rapid Evolution of xMOOCs?

        This article was originally posted at e-Literate Recently I wrote a post arguing that xMOOCs such as Coursera, edX and Udacity will likely evolve and that “while the current examples of massive online courses are interesting, the real potential of MOOCs will be revealed in future generations.” Today Antioch College announced that it is creating a new MOOC-for-credit partnership with Coursera. The key points as summarized by …Read More

Requiem for a Heavyweight – Lessons to Learn from the Problems at UC Online

        This article was originally posted at e-Literate In 2009, the University of California finally decided to offer online education with a system-wide initiative called UC Online. Based on an article in the Chronicle that echoes a previous article in the Daily Californian, we learn that just three years later, UC Online is facing significant hurdles to survive the pilot phase and establish a sustainable online option. After raising just 1/8 …Read More