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Higher Education Focus: The Student-Centric Approach

As a leader in Higher Ed, how are you managing the challenges of rising expenses, enrollment pressure, and fierce competition for alumni dollars? More and more institutions are choosing to solve this challenge by using a student-centric approach.  But what does it mean to be student centric?  And, how do you know if you are being effective?  At its core is whether or not an institution is laying the groundwork …Read More

What is a Learning Platform?

This article was originally posted at e-Literate While I have written (along with others) about the shift we are seeing in the LMS market, where it is moving from an enterprise LMS market to a learning platform market, there has not really been a good definition of what a learning platform is. As Jeff Bohrer asked via Twitter, “What are the hallmarks of LMS as a “learning platform” (beyond SaaS)? Any posts you can point to?” Mike …Read More

Great Title, Flawed Post – Khan Academy Enables Out-of-the-Box Approaches

This article was originally posted at e-Literate There was a very interesting article at Huffington Post today that I suspect is rapidly making the rounds through the blogosphere. Given the author and title of the post, “What Silicon Valley Executives Keep Getting Wrong About Education” by Dr. Keith Devlin of Stanford, I had high hopes for an insightful explanation of mistakes by ed tech executives. While the investment exemplified by …Read More

Analysis of Instructure Security Testing

This article was originally posted on the e-Literate site Instructure has engaged Securus Global to test the Canvas LMS product for security vulnerabilities. Instructure also invited me to be an independent observer – participating in the process and independently reporting on the testing and Instructure’s response to any vulnerabilities identified. Part 1 of this series of posts described the concept. Part 2gave a mid-term update, describing the process involved and initial results. Part 3 described the full results of …Read More

Educational Publishers Appear to be Supporting SOPA

UPDATE 12/23: Per the House Judiciary Committee, it is now confirmed that these companies are on the record supporting SOPA and the Protect IP companion legislation. Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee began the process of marking up the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill. From all appearances, most of the amendments have been rejected, thus leaving SOPA essentially in its original form. While passage is not assured, it is certainly a possibility as described …Read More