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Balanced Scorecard for Manufacturing – Focusing on Customers to Drive Results

In my January 29th Blog, I introduced the Balanced Scorecard approach for Higher Education. This Harvard School of Business method is used by over 50% of the large companies in the United States to align their business strategies with their operational goals and strategies. Recently Delta Initiative has been working with manufacturing companies to help them develop business processes and leverage technology to support these processes. In helping our customers, …Read More

Creating a Culture of Delivery

All business and technology projects are impacted by and must take into account the culture of the organization that is being addressed. Many organizations today are faced with a long list of key projects and initiatives that “must be” completed during a very specific date range. These situations are unavoidable and goals need to be met. But when deploying a new business process supported by technology or a new technology …Read More

Expanding the CRM Vision in Higher Education

In higher education, the interest in CRM seems to be growing significantly. With Educause fast approaching, I am sure many vendors will be presenting their CRM solutions or announcing new capabilities. So what’s in store for the future of CRM? While not specifically for higher education, the article Why your CRM Implementation is Quietly Failing by Dan Woods provides some insight into how current CRM implementations could be improved. According to Woods: