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Is The Cloud The Answer Yet?

Update: State of Cloud for SIS I thought I would take a look back at a post I wrote in 2012, SaaS Changes to Higher ERP market.  The purpose of the post was to look at the speed of change in the educational technology area with the use of SaaS solutions and if this speed of change would be applied to the administrative systems.  Some of the key points were: …Read More

Banner 9 Upgrade Plan

It has been a few months since Ellucian announced Banner 8 would move to sustained support after 12/31/2018. Have you started your planning process? If not, the end of 2018 is approaching quickly and already Banner 9 resources are difficult to find. Having a good plan will assist you in minimizing the required outside services and maximize the value of the resources when they are needed. In many cases, we …Read More

Technology Must be the Answer?

Higher education organizations today are focusing on being more effective and efficient, while dealing with reduced funding, declining enrollments, and increasing expectations from students. These are all challenges and bring back the memory of that wonderful goal “do more with less.” I always found it interesting that the people that provided this wisdom never seemed to provide information on how to accomplish this goal. In the search for improved effectiveness …Read More

Getting the Most Value

The Maintenance Conundrum We all tend to believe that technology gets better and cheaper over time. Maybe you are not paying less in some cases (whether adjusted for inflation or not), but you are getting more value with each iteration of a given technology. And there is plenty of evidence for this – today’s smart phones would have been multi-million dollar super computers a few technology generations ago; today’s laptops …Read More

Is Higher Ed Enterprise CRM an Illusion?

We hear frequently from customers about enterprise CRM. Some customers tell us they want our help in moving forward with Enterprise CRM. Other customers want to know if they should be looking seriously at Enterprise CRM. And of course, vendors are marketing and selling their version of Enterprise CRM. Naturally, when one begins to drill down into what is meant by Enterprise CRM, there are as many definitions (or lack …Read More

Fear of Failure?

I recently read an interesting article on www.coachingsearch.com about the fear of failure. The article featured the thoughts of Pat Fitzgerald, the head coach of Northwestern University’s football program. Pat Fitzgerald: ‘Society has taken away the ability for kids to learn from failure’. It is a quick read that summed up the effect of social media on his players. He states that the players can’t make a mistake without it …Read More