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About Us

Delta Initiative is an independent management consulting company that serves institutions of higher learning and businesses across the country. We specialize in assessing needs, researching and evaluating options, and recommending a definitive course of action for our clients.

At Delta Initiative, we’re committed to generating strategic change through the effective implementation of enterprise software systems. The schools and companies we partner with are dissatisfied with the status quo, and are keenly aware that a forward-looking technology strategy is crucial to staying ahead in today’s dynamic academic and business environments. We not only help clients discover the most effective IT governance and decision-making solutions for their unique circumstances, but more importantly, we ensure they have the right strategy, the right infrastructure and the right organization to best implement their chosen technology solution. In short, we make sure an institution’s technology investment will support their mission.

In mid 2008, we merged operations with HBO Systems, Inc, a strategic planning consultancy specializing in higher education. We now operate the combined entity under the Delta Initiative name.

The principals of Delta Initiative have over 70 years of combined experience in senior academic, business and technology roles. All of our team members have a solid technology foundation and extensive business experience – at least 15 years for each staff member – including a number of former COOs and CIOs. In order to deliver business results, we believe a solid technology foundation is required.