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What We Do

Delta Initiative is an independent consulting company focused on business technology. We help organizations deliver enterprise-wide technology. In years past, technology decisions were alternately made by the IT organization alone or by ad hoc users or departments. Today, technology pervades the entire organization, touching almost every part of daily operations – business and technology go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, most organizations are not set up to work seamlessly across business and IT units to meet common goals and objectives.

Delta Initiative is uniquely positioned at the intersection of business and technology, and we help organizations meet their strategic objectives by utilizing a proven methodology and taking a practical approach to technology. Successful technology initiatives begin with making the right choices, and our methodology begins with the strategy/decision process and continues through the implementation to ensure the completed project meets the business objectives.

Our customers have found that we can improve the success of technology projects as well as fix dead-end projects taking a practical approach and gaining organizational buy-in for IT initiatives. By changing the way the whole institution works together on technology initiatives, customers have achieved improved effectiveness of IT projects within 3 – 6 months.